This SPE paper describes ZADCO's reasoning foropting to utilisethe TCC RotoMill® as the proprietary technology at the core of ESNAAD-TWMA's integrated drilling waste management services on the four UZ750k artificial islands in Abu Dhabi. It outlinesthe basis for this conclusion after examining the drilling programme, well profiles and volume of material that would be generated across the long-term drilling campaign. It also outlineshow they could optimizetheir drilling programmes whilst complying with and exceeding regulations outlined by ADNOCthrough the use of this technology.

The paper explains the TCC RotoMill® technology, its fundamental operating parameters and capabilities which areillustrated in the final presentation of data fromthis case study and the field results from this project. The background and evolution of the TCC RotoMill® is detailed from its origins of being created in conjunction with an International Oil Major ahead of regulatory change in the UK (OSPAR convention). The paper will illustrate the evolution of the technology to modern day units offeringthroughput of up to 10Mt per hour of NAF drill cuttings in onshore / offshore locations and latterly, being adopted as a mobile technology servicing the land rig market.

Lastly, the paper outlines the application of this technology on the UZ750k four artificial islands as an integral part of the larger scope of drilling waste management which collects, transfers and contains all of the drilling returns prior to treatment and/or disposal. The solution was developed whereby drill cuttings are contained and treated at source, enabling ZADCO tomeet and exceed legislative parameters. This eliminated the requirement for ZADCO to transport a significant amount of drilling returns offsite, thereby significantly reducing logistics costs and likelihood of environmental or safety incidents.

The success of the project is summarized in the case study data and key facts which outlines the value added benefits of collecting, transferring, storing and processing 1,443,029 bbl. (volumes to date) of drilling returns with no material having to be transferred offsite and sailed via a supply vessel onshore saving approx. 532,896 km of shipping.

By returning base oil to the Company, TWMA has saved ZADCO approximately $12.7m in recovered base oil across the four islands (which is extracted from the drill cuttings using the TCC RotoMill®and transferred back to ZADCO.)

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