Most of the oil fields in Middle East are carbonate bearing rocks including onshore and offshore environment. GOR Management is critical aspect in light oil fields where strict guideline of GOR value can cause production losses.

Integrated GOR Management is a workflow of solutions of different techniques which can be applied in order to manage gas production and stay below SH's guideline.

Integrated GOR Management will consist of the following aspects:

  1. Reservoir dynamic analysis and water/gas injection balance

  2. Efficient VRR calculation methodology

  3. Rigless intervention such as Gas shut off with chemicals and cement squeeze.

  4. New completion technologies which can delay Gas Breakthrough

  5. Surface facility optimization.

The Real case study has been applied in giant offshore carbonate field to manage GOR value and mitigate gas movement and balance injection/production offtake.

GOR management is a critical aspect in most of the field to maximize recovery factor. Most of the time this subject is treated as a single subsurface challenge; however integrated approach which takes into account subsurface and surface optimization, rig and rigless intervention can bring the tremendous value towards sustainable oil production.

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