PETRONAS has adopted drilling operation digitalization and formed real-time drilling operation center; which is also known as WELLS RTC since a decade ago, in conjunction with the company’s recent theme – Collaboration, Pace and Going Digital. Traditionally, a real-time drilling operation center has always been perceived as a monitoring center only for quick decision making to reduce Non-Productive Time (NPT). However, over the years the centre has evolved and not only has proven how the real-time operation center has allowed real – time problem solving, but it has actually brings so much additional value to the company as a whole. It has been the centre of drilling process and workflow efficiency transformation, the knowledge transfer and the collaborative discussion between multiple disciplines team that involved in drilling planning and operation.

Prior to the existence of WELLS RTC, communications were made via emails and phone calls. Delayed decisions and miscommunication occurred along the way. WELLS RTC which operates 24/7 acts as collaboration center that provides avenue for the subject matter experts (SME) to discuss and make real time decision when needed. Collaboration & discussion is not confined to just Drilling Engineers, but includes and not limited to the Geological and Geophysical (G&G) team who are working on the well. Real-time data is now being stored in PETRONAS data center allowing the company to have full access to their own data.

A direct impact of having a real-time operation center is the improved communication between each personnel who are involve in the drilling operation. Tough decisions are now easier to be made especially when the SMEs are sitting together under one roof looking at the real-time data transmitted from the rig site.

Also, having full access to PETRONAS historical data allows the employee to search for the lesson learnt and best practices on the previous wells/fields allowing them to make more educated judgment (when needed) based on existing data. This data can be made available immediately for case study purposes. Software environments that are able to connect data between multiple servicing companies using the Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Mark Up Language (WITSML) format has resulted in increased accuracy of data communication which is needed for collaborative discussion.

This paper will describe and explain the benefits of having a real-time drilling operation center via case studies studies on collaboration between multiple work groups contribute to the success of multiple drilling projects delivery and the technology used to setup this center.

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