Structural Integrity management (SIM) system is considered one of the main pillars of Asset Integrity Management (AIM) as SIM system role is to ensure and maintain asset structural integrity and fitness for purpose allowing assets owners to flexibly accomplish their business objectives and achieve sustainable operation of their assets. For Offshore and subsea Assets; the importance of SIM gets even more due to the high costs of Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) activities.

The objective of this paper is to introduce to the Oil & Gas stake holders in the offshore market a deep understanding of SIM methodology and the procedures of establishing SIM system for their assets according to the API RP 2SIM practices which is considered one of the state-of-art practices to manage fixed offshore platforms integrity.

The paper objective is achieved by representing a true project case applying practices and procedures of API RP 2SIM for a 120 Platform fleet using Qualitative (Risk Based) approach describing the basis of platforms data gathering, categorization, ranking and selection for assessment, setting inspection strategy & planning.

It is concluded from this paper that SIM system is an enabler of the success of AIM system, and qualitative approach is considered a reliable and economic method for dealing with SIM projects, wall thickness measurements has a key role in the integrity of offshore platforms, software has a key role in SIM system sustainability and finally acceptance criteria is one of key issues that needs to be addressed in SIM projects. Added to that a set of recommendations is proposed to API RP 2SIM that might be useful to be considered next version.

This paper shares with our stake holders in the oil & gas market a valuable experience of constructing a SIM system for operators using a real life project case, introduce comprehensive application of recommended practices and finally deepen the awareness of importance of SIM systems for sustainable development of offshore oil & gas assets.

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