The objective of this study was:

  • To evaluate potential causes of failures of several (9) pipelines operating in shallow waters 8m to 14m water depth in the Gulf of Guinea and develop an analysis / programme to identify the root cause of failure.

  • Perform analysis to confirm the causes of failures,

  • Assess remedial measures to find the most suitable remedial option,

  • Recommend remedial measures to prevent future pipeline failures,

  • Perform high level engineering to confirm suitability of chosen option

These studies and assessments have been performed in accordance with API RP 1111 and DNV RP F109. From 2009 to 2016 several pipelines failed in this region (shallow waters 8m – 14m offshore Nigeria) in the Gulf of Guinea, resulting in a huge amount of deferred production (deferred revenue). To forestall future occurrence, this study was performed to identify the root cause of failures and provide recommendations to mitigate these failures in both existing pipelines and future pipelines (in design) operating in such environment.

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