Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) is developing the Satah Al Razboot (SARB) Oil Field, located in the Arabian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Two new artificial islands have been constructed for oil extraction, while the processing, storage and offloading facilities for SARB are located on Zirku Island. Construction of the Zirku Island facilities was conceived and planned for implementation on a modularized basis because of the relatively remote offshore location, which required the incorporation of a permanent jetty and harbor for the transportation of these modules. The Zirku Island topography consists of mountainous terrain composed of a special set of geological conditions characteristic of salt domes. A major requirement of the project was the design and construction of cut and fill slopes as high as 75 meters. The site works have required substantial excavation and backfilling work to create level platforms for the proposed facilities. Surplus excavated material has been used onshore and nearshore to create new land. A robust material management plan was devised to efficiently move the huge excavated material volumes to the designated fill areas and stockpile locations directly due to space constraints. Close collaboration between the project teams and contractors of the different packages of the SARB Project has resulted in the successful delivery of the Site Preparation Project's goals. The main challenges and lessons learned are shared as part of the paper.

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