In recent years, oil and gas operators have faced new challenges regarding the resistance of sour service 110ksi specified minimum yield strength material in extreme sour conditions, meaning partial pressures of H2S higher than 15psi (1bar). Furthermore, high pressure wells in presence of H2S such as deepwater and HPHT require high strength 140ksi specified minimum yield strength carbon steel, for which even at high temperature can develop sulfide stress cracking.

This paper describes a methodology to select and qualify materials for such critical conditions, taking into account the aspects from material design to specific laboratory testing to provide suitable material for the well environment. The results presented highlight the importance of material qualification in the well design phase prior to product application.

A few well architecture examples are presented, explaining the benefits of using qualified materials with high mechanical properties and improved sulfide stress cracking resistance, opening the doors of new oil and gas field explorations with profitable solutions.

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