This development, predominantly from four artificial islands, of a giant offshore field in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) requires Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) well design including extended length liners in order to reach drilling and geological targets of the field and Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC) well design that can drastically decrease development costs.

Despite drilling challenges during well construction process such as losses in UER, shallow aquifer flows in Simsima, key seating issues in the base of Simsima, wellbore instability in Laffan and Nahr Umr shale, losses in Salabikh and etc. the team has managed to deliver the longest well to date in UAE to a depth of 35,800 feet and has set many ZADCO internal records for drilling performance with no HSE events.

Through the use of enabling best practices, lessons learnt and new technologies such as Casing Swivel, Fixed-Bonded non-rotating centralizers and 21 days swell packers, the well was drilled and completed 11.3 days under Authorization for Expenditure (AFE). Several major milestones and records were achieved such as record drilling performance (spud to TD), longest 8 ½" hole section (18,800 feet) with one Bit and Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA), 16" surface hole inclination of 56°, deepest set 9 ⅝" casing to 17,000 feet MD, longest single stage 6 ⅝" liner in the world (total length of 19,004 feet at the time).

All well objectives have been achieved. Several technologies were deployed to enable the abovementioned records including the use of Fixed-Bonded non-rotating centralizers in tandem with sacrificial casing swivel.

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