Drilling industry is renowned to be one of the dangerous occupations with numerous catastrophic incidents that lead to significant fatalities, loss of assets, and impaired corporate reputations and businesses. There have however been significant strides in recent years after the 2010’s Gulf oil spill event, to improve operational efficiency and personnel safety. In response to the stringent safety protocols and industry’s increasing focus on operational safety and efficiency, significant improvements have been made in towards mechanization of pipe handling operations. These advancements have tackled some of the most laborious and imperative drilling operations; namely, pipe handling, tripping and making connections. This paper will describe in detail the adaptation of offline stand building system on island rigs fleet as a mitigation measure towards some HSE incidents from pipe handling habits of rig crew. The adaptation will illustrate a comparative study that has been made to two vendors systems and criteria entailed to choose the best-fit system design in a case study.

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