In the land drilling market there is a lack of versatile catwalk machines. The tradition of having various models for each rig type and drill floor heights makes the typical catwalk machine inflexible. As an answer we have developed a complete new catwalk machine that suits a great variety of rig types and drill floor heights, and the unique design optimizes the angle the pipe enters into drill floor. In addition the optional crane function ensures catwalk versatility and simplifies handling of objects between ground level and drill floor.

Automated operations will lead to self-running operations and ultimately an autonomous drilling operation, thereby allowing drillers to optimize safety and performance. This automated catwalk provides a mechanization that allows remote automatic operation to enable workerless handling of tubulars from ground level to the drill floor. Through our unique design we will not only transport tubulars from ground level to drill floor, but provide a safe and efficient way of handling objects such as stabilizers, subs, bits, and pups between ground level and the drill floor simplified through use of an optional integrated manipulator arm.

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