The top drive is designed to provide the highest level of instrumentation to ensure that the operator get total control of the drilling process.

High accuracy sensors and actuators increase drilling efficiency due to better drilling data insight and the ability to respond quickly in a demanding drilling environment that ensures safer drilling operations for the rig crew.

The top drive is suspended from the travelling block using 4 vertical tie rods with an innovative weight on bit (WOB) system. Redundant built-In WOB sensors in all the tie rods provide exceptionally accurate load readings over the entire top drive hoisting range. Accurate WOB measurements is important for the driller to be able to apply the correct downward force needed for the bit to efficiently break rock as well as extend bit lifespan. The top drive’s accurate WOB system decrease the number of time consuming bit runs as the lifespan of each bit is prolonged.

Soft cushioning while doing spin in / spin out pipe connections are controlled using an active tread compensating system in hydraulic cylinders suspended between the travelling block and top drive gearbox. Stroke sensors provide the driller with additional control over actuators and top drive movement which in turn improve operational efficiency and rig safety.

The top drive is powered by two high performance AC motors delivering one of the highest levels of torque and speed. The two 550 HP motors provide 51 000 ft-lb of continuous torque enabling deeper drilling both vertical and horizontal. The motor configuration is designed to be redundant allowing continuous operation at 100% speed and 50% torque if one motor is offline. The redundant individual driven traction AC-motors are crucial to ensure reliability and rig uptime.

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