Field Background

In Aug. 2015, Umm Lulu drilling team drilled and completed well014 as a first linerless design by setting the 9 5/8" casing in Thamama-I formation and drilling an 8 ½" section till TD, relying on swell packer for zonal isolation.

Post evaluation of UL-14 design found cross flow between Thamama-I formation and Thamama-II target reservoir.

The drilling division developed another design by extending drilling the 12 ¼" hole till Thamama-I A base to isolate Thamama-I with cement after running the 9 5/8" casing and drilling 8 ½" hole till section TD. This scenario was not possible to execute due to the unavailability of completion equipment (4 ½" × 8 ½" swell packer).

The drilling division thought out of the box to drill 6" hole directly from 9 5/8 casing to address the equipment availability constraint. This option was pursued after thorough evaluation of all potential challenges.

In April 2017, well018, which was a first revised design, was drilled and completed successfully 10 days ahead of plan, saving $2.00M.

In June 2017, well020 was delivered with the best jack up 10k duration in ADMA-OPCO (31.5 days) and the best single oil producer with lower completion duration of 56 days, saving more than 15 days and $3.2M.

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