Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs) is very popular artificial lift systems to boost oil production now days. Home ofmany ESP installations, with high frequency of change outs per year and with the harsh production environment, a development of ESP technologies to reduce change-out time and improve run life is keep ongoing. These technologies address business challenges timely in a proactive approach. Currently deployed ESPs require a time-consuming rig installation on jointed tubing. With several factors such as: an average run life of three years for ESPs, a rig-based change-out time of up to two weeks offshore, and an uncertainty of when a rig can be scheduled; the need for a more rapid rigless solution is critical for future operations.

Majority of the ESP installation are completed as part of tubing completion and deployed by drilling rig which requires high spending to recover the well during ESP replacement. Several types of technologies to deploy ESP rig-lessly were introduced into industry to optimize the retrieval and deployment cost during ESP replacement. Limited success story was recorded and open more thought to overcome the challenges.

The first worldwide new reliable cable rigless deployed electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system was successfully installed and put on production. What makes this system unique concept and the first worldwide of its kind are two main components. The first component is the innovative cable hanger design that insures total cable isolation while providing a non-restricted flow through the tubes that are built into the body of the spool. The second component is the specially designed and manufactured CT from selected material that has high resistance to H2S and CO2 and it was made exactly fit the ESP cable providing full protection from corrosive wellbore fluid. This design aimed to boost production of oil wells with lower ESPs installation and replacement cost. The new system eliminates the need for and expensive rig to replace the ESP and accelerate production restoration. This system will be a great addition especially for offshore environments where not only the rig intervention costs are expensive, but also limited rig availability can delay ESP replacement.

This paper will share the concept, design, field implementation planning and technical challenges, lesson learnt during preparation and installation of this first of kind system.

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