Documents quality and documents control was of less significance in the past. This has been mainly due to limited drawings tools available in the industry for the data management and due to considerably small scale of technical requirements for data filing, restoration and archiving.

Majority of engineering data and drawings in the 70s’ were available as hardcopy versions of various sizes & types (ammonia print, tracing papers, hand written data sheet …etc.).

Filing and document control was solely maintained in hardcopy logbooks and registers. Introduction of computers based application helped to some extent in generating index for documents which in-turn enhanced filing administration and document controlling.

The uprising in the industrial technology took place in the 21st century has come with major challenges and compelled emergent of parallel technologies for the database management and control systems.

The above scenario was experienced also to Gasco Company throughout the years of its rapidly progressive development.

With the idea in mind; plant data shall always be maintained to reveal the 'As-Built' status, Gasco has emerged vastly on the deployment of the latest integrated technology that can deliver the ultimate intelligent database management platform for sustainable and traceable as-built database and integration at the corporate level.

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