Drilling and Completions operations optimization requires as starting point the building of an alive database that sustains the benchmark for a list of defined KPIs. The KPIs will represent main well construction activities conducted in different well types in a specific field. Once the data is captured and processed, the operations efficiency is obtained with the computation of the Invisible Lost Time (ILT). Computations are defined in different ways by different operators with different margins. The purpose of this paper is to probe that operational efficiency that can be tracked better when the percentiles lead the targets and not the Composite Best as a target.

The continuous monitoring of the performance and the daily distribution of KPI's tracking dashboard has changed the mindset of the entire team, engaging the rig personnel in the identification of specific limiters that affect the performance and defining specific actions to take to revert the trend. The year to year comparisons showed a significant performance improvement in all the rigs but not at the same rate. The expected learning curve has deferred from one rig to another.

A forecast tool has been created to generate an automatic AFE that delivers automatically TvD curves for the different percentiles and it is aligned to the latest rig's performance and the well architecture. This tool will help the drilling engineers to estimate, quick and more accurate, the well duration time, especially when the rig allocation is crucial for the yearly objectives of the project.

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