This paper presents an innovative non-damaging technology as alternatives to current downhole conventional practices. It will change the industry and reshape several downhole applications such as perforations and fracturing among others. It is proven to provide not only non-damaging technology, but also improves flow properties and enhances communication between wellbore and formation.

For several years, researchers attempted to deploy high power laser technology for several downhole applications due to its accuracy, precision, control, consistency and power. The laser source is located at the surface on the coiled tubing unit, power generator provides power to the system and high energy is transmitted downhole via fiber optics cable to the targeted zone, the laser energy is manipulated and controlled through downhole laser tool to perforate and create tunnels connecting the wellbore with the hydrocarbon bearing formation. One of the main challenges is conveying the energy downhole with minimum loss through fiber optics. This paper will present the potential of the laser in reshaping the industry and change the current practices.

High power laser is proven to enhance flow properties in all types of rocks regardless their compressive strength and hardness, the unique features of the technology are the precision in controlling and orienting the energy in any directions regardless of the reservoir stress orientation and magnitude. It can be targeted directly to the pay zones and produce from bypassed zone that can't be achieved with current technology such as fracturing. Lasers provide safe, small footprints and environmentally friendly technology since it is a waterless base technology for connecting the wellbore with the formation (alternative to water base fracturing technology).

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