This objective of this work is to improve well perforation by using non-damagingsafe (non-explosive) high power laser perforation technology. For several years of research, high power lasers have been proven in the lab to create controllable perforation tunnels with enhanced flow properties. This paper presents the strategy of lab to field transformations to perforate horizontal well with two inches in diameter by twenty four inches deep at 10,000 feet in horizontal well.

High power laser is an alternative and innovative technology to currently used shaped chargeperforation. Lasers are advanced in several industries for their several unique properties such as power, precision, control and reliability, with these properties; controllable non-damaged enhanced oriented perforated tunnels are achieved. Laser power can be adjusted precisely to control the depth of the tunnel; the tool can be oriented to create perforation in any direction regardless of the reservoir stress orientations as lasers are stress independent.

Shale, Sandstones (including tight sandstones) and carbonate rocks have been perforated at different conditions, the result from all rock types showed improvement in permeability and creation of controlled geometry without any compactions or damage. The success of the lab experiments lead to field deployment strategy to create the first in the industry laser perforation at 10,000 feet. Lab to field transformation is presented at different stages, first prove of concept, then design and test lab prototype tool, followed by improved field upscale downhole tool.

High power laser in downhole is a safe (non-explosive) perforation technology. The geometry, depth and orientation can be controlled very precisely to create clean enhanced perforated tunnel. With a single trip, several perforation shots can be made withoutthe need to load and unload the perforation tool. Laser source is mounted on the surface on a coiled tubing unit and the beam is transmitted via fiber optics cable totarget, the compact design of the tool make it suitable to fit in any slim hole.

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