Al Hosn Gas Executive Management saw the benefits of an integrated solution to managing Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) data aligned with the other Company business processes and using the same core data e.g. locations, terminology and key database tables to ensure a comprehensive strategy of centralised data management.

The new SAP Environmental, Health and Safety Management (EHSM) Modules are Incident Management, Risk Management, Waste Management, Environmental Compliance, Audit, Sustainability and Performance Measurement and Action Tracking.

Each ESHM module has an integral action tracker. Once entered actions are tracked and expedited automatically through the systems workflows (defined for each module on an activity by activity basis). The range of subject matter covered by the SAP EHSM modules surpasses the limitations of procuring individual specialist packages that do not share data without certain user manipulation. Within EHSM specific data can be downloaded to a variety of formats including Excel, Word, Pdf etc. and used in whatever software is required.

A substantial effort was dedicated to ensuring the system satisfied the requirements of the ADNOC CoPs and contained enhanced features. The system went live in 2015 and has been recognized throughout the company as a great success that’s adds considerable value to the organization.

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