Oil and Gas world is going through difficult times, with crude prices breaching some of the all-time low values. GASCO believes that, such situations call for extra ordinary efforts to control and extract best results out of every opportunity. Shutdowns/Turnarounds are such cost centric opportunities where careful and controlled actions can have significant effects on company bottom lines. This paper intends to portray the caution, controls and practices during Execution during Asab-0 Turnaround-February 2016, which enabled in producing extra ordinary results for GASCO.

GASCO operates its Turnarounds (TA) based on a well-documented ‘Shutdown Manual’, which has strong background in Maintenance Excellence practices on a well-defined process approach.

In order to control the TA effectively, Key Result Areas (KRA) were identified and actions were put in place for lean management of the various elements involved. Principles of Systems Dynamics were used to integrate various functions, people and hierarchies to break down silos in communication. Each of the KRA’s had elements of this approach in order to achieve performance up-scaling.

The KRA’s identified were:

  1. Cost optimization - achieved through resource optimization (pooling; Seamless integration for optimal use of all available resources (human/equipment)), iterative/dynamic planning, adequate contracting strategy (Performance-based), integrative thinking approach (Minimal Compartmentalization) with stakeholders and early start up.

  2. Scope Control - managed through strict control over scope creep and exercising continuous, dynamic scope optimizations.

  3. Schedule Control – optimization by implementing Critical Chain Method instead of Critical path, thus buffering floats towards end of TA activities enabling early completion. Also, "Daily Look Ahead" and "Look Back" prevented schedule slips.

  4. Quality – ensured by implementing GASCO TA vision of "Faultless Turnarounds", achieved through micro level planning. Many tools like IPF Functional test control sheet, Start up Readiness Certificates etc. were put in place to ensure ownership of quality to avoid errors, rather than rectify them.

  5. Efficiency, Effectiveness – Maximization achieved by establishing a transparent communication environment where cross functional interactions were ensured to be seamless and through careful resource/process management.

In line with GASCO’s established objective of ‘Delivering Exceptional Results’ and Turnaround Excellence goals, ASAB-0 Turnaround delivered a saving of approximately 6 MUSD by achieving plant start-up 3 days in advance, without compromising on HSE or Quality. Combined effect of all the above practices helped GASCO ASAB team deliver these extra ordinary results.

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