PVT data is critical for fluid characterization and EOS modelling, which in turn is the key to estimate the initial hydrocarbon volumes in place, predicting reservoir dynamic behavior and production forecasting. Hence, ADCO gives high importance to have well distributed and high quality PVT data across its different reservoirs.

There are various parties involved in planning and execution of PVT studies. There have been problems associated with PVT studies workflow such as poor scope of work, data quality issues, lost historical PVT data that affects the fluid characterization and EOS modelling. In addition, there are inefficiencies due to lack of coordination amongst various activities and parties involved in the PVT studies workflow.

In this regard, ADCO embarked on standardizing and automating the entire process from PVT analysis requisition through technical data validation and archiving towards building an integrated PVT e-catalog. In our previous SPE paper (SPE-172832) we discussed our challenges, implementation strategy, and functional design phase of the project including the roadmap. In this paper discussed the progress and achievements made by ADCO towards establishing PVT intelligence Solution and integrated PVT e-catalog. The Solution enables the users to efficiently design, PVT analysis and sampling programs for a variety of fluids types and different studies such as routine, enhanced oil recovery studies, asphalltene studies. It also enables the user to perform consistent and standard validation for the PVT data during project execution

The standard scope of work for various PVT studies is predefined based on the industry standards and well defined business logic. The workflow intelligently guides the users to build the right scope of work for PVT analysis and sampling based on the business objectives and reservoir information. The solution has functionality to technically validate the data delivered by the contractors in stages through approval workflows. This is done through a smart quality control tools which is supported by business rules for various tests that enables a semi-automatic quality control for the measured PVT properties. Finally the workflow enables the users to systematically archive quality data in an integrated PVT e-catalog. The e-catalog comprise of PVT database and functionalities for quick search of PVT data across ADCO fields and reservoirs.

PVT intelligence enables the users to quickly and independently create high quality PVT sampling and analysis Scope of Work through an automated workflow. The workflow reduces the user effort and uncertainty in manual quality control for the data delivered by the laboratories and resolve data anomalies at the right time. The intelligent functionalities shall improve the quality of the PVT e-catalog which in turn enables better engineering models and calculations for Efficient Fluid Characterization.

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