As a part of the effective reservoir management in commingled water injection wells crossing different formation layers with varying characteristics (Thickness, permeability, reservoir pressure etc), ICD completions in combination with open hole have successfully been deployed in ADMA-OPCO in more than 10 wells since 2009 to control water injection in high permeable formation and ensure uniform fluid sweep. ICDs were placed against high permeable formation for controlling injection rates while keeping open hole in lower permeable formation. Production logs (PLT) were run in most of the ICD deployed wells to quantify the injection rates across ICDs and open hole section. Based on production logging results, down-hole completion design changes were considered and incorporated in newer wells as a part of continuous improvement. Case histories of ICD installations across high permeable zones showed the technique helped in better injection distribution and reservoir performance improvement. The aim of this paper is to discuss the performance in water injectors with different ICD completion configurations, improvement in injection distribution in different permeability reservoirs, lesson learned during completion running operation.

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