Logistic activities plays a vital role in sustainable field operations, TABK recently achieved Energy Efficiency Management System (ISO 50001) certification and is committed to excellence in energy uses and saving the world for future generations. Marine Technology provide platform to sustain marine operations and provide efficient marine logistic activity.

Methods, Procedures, Process

Logistic activities long adopted energy efficiency and ship energy efficiency management plan in its activities, exploring maritime market for energy efficient operating vessels, whilst sustaining logistic demands of our operational activities. These extreme team efforts resulted in utilization of the dynamically positioned vessels in our activities. Furthermore, innovative solutions to anchor the dynamically positioned vessels, have both wisely resulted in sustainable uses of the energy in our operations.

Results, Observations, Conclusions

This initiatives and commitment for sustainable energy uses has resulted in raising awareness to our marine contractors as well and further resulted in better contracts conditions and favorable choices. It is our intention that energy efficiency is part of our marine call for tender processes and we have been leading industry in sustainable marine operations. Our contractors have been part of this methodology.

Novel/Additive Information

Our "Al MERSAH" Project which is currently been implemented, is anticipated to give us a reduction of energy uses in a world of fluctuated economy.

Energy and its uses, plays a vital in everything we do, we carry or we contract

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