Organizational change management is the key of success for any organization that needs to survive, compete and excel. Two main business strategies are usually considered when the organization decides to change; Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Business Process Improvement (BPI). The failure phenomenon of most of change projects has raised two important questions: Is the Organization fit for change? And the other question is How to measure its fitness for change?

The objective of this research work is to introduce to the strategic management field a proposed novel tool designed to measure organization fitness for change projects; this tool is termed "Multi-dimensional Decision Matrix" (MDM©). The MDM© tool main idea is to assess organizations from the three perspectives that construct the whole change process: organization state, change management activities and expected goals and targets using objective technique based on validated measures deciding whether organization is fit to go for BPR project or BPI or even do nothing which in certain cases could be the optimum solution.

The research objective was achieved by performing a wide literature review to study the whole process of change projects in order to ensure that the MDM© tool is well constructed and covers the most important elements that allow decision makers to assess their organization fitness for change. The tool was tested through a validated questionnaire that tests validity and psychometrical usability of the MDM© tool. The questionnaire was directed to strategic managers & top management members in different fields of business including oil & gas companies in order to ensure generalization and applicability of the proposed MDM© tool.

The introduced paper presents a detailed description of the MDM© idea, set up and method of application. It also presents the questionnaire results including charts and graphs that measure six aspects to accept the MDM© tool; logic approach, practicality, has friendly interface, adoptable, can reduce risk of failure and finally overall usage satisfaction for generalization purposes.

The research work concluded that the MDM© tool is conceptually accepted and is fit for the purpose it is designed for. The research output indicated that the MDM© tool is ready for experimental application for different business cases in order to validate and verify its usage. One of the added values of the MDM© is it allows decision makers and change management teams to perform gap analyses for their organization spotting out main strengths and deficiencies within their organizations as part of the tool output.

Multi-dimensional decision matrix (MDM©) tool is novel in its idea, approach and application. It has the potential to be an added value for the body of strategic management and tools of decision making.

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