Targeting "Go Green - Safe Our Earth", a state of the art Low Emissions Combustion conversion project was embarked on Habshan Power Generation Berth 80G-105 Frame-6B Gas Turbine.

In line with GASCO emissions reduction strategy, LEC/DLN conversion study of a Habshan power generation berth 80G-105 Frame-6B Gas Turbine was launched as a Pilot. Accordingly, a detailed scope of work was prepared to initiate the retrofit on a turnkey basis. The thorough design review, HAZOP and SIL studies have produced a robust system which includes: LEC Combustion Components, New Fuel Gas Heater and Filter Skids, New Inlet Bleed Heat System, New Fuel Gas Splitter Valve Skid, Flame Detectors and Igniters Replacement and Modifications of the Control System.

With successful implementation of LEC conversion, first retrofit within ADNOC OPCOs, NOx has been reduced from 161 ppmvd to 9 ppmvd (94% Reduction, 575 Tons/Year) whereas CO from 127 ppmvd to 05 ppmvd (96% reduction, 283 Tons/Year). Above reduced emission levels are well below the boundary set by Abu Dhabi Environment Agency for NOx & CO upto 35 & 400 ppmvd respectively. In addition to the remarkable reduction in NOx/CO emissions, the new installed LEC combustion components are of extended life, therefore eliminating the existing combustion inspection every 12,000 Hours saving 10 days shutdowns every one life cycle (48,000-60,000 Hours).

The LEC conversion project presents a unique example of encompassing an innovative approach to achieve tangible environment protection through using improved technology. Further to the implementation of the project, the rewards thus achieved with clean environment are perpetual.

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