This paper presents a method for integrating information obtained from ultradeep azimuthal electromagnetic (EM) technology, and processed during geosteering activity, to update a 3D reservoir model.

The latest developments in logging-while-drilling (LWD) technology, unimaginable until a few years ago, dramatically improve understanding reservoir structure far away from the wellbore. Ultradeep azimuthal EM technology provided a step change in remote detection capabilities by mapping resistivity contrasts up to tens of meters away from the wellbore. This innovation helps identify unexpected pay zones while drilling, improves subsurface understanding, and leads to well placement optimization in real time. In addition, the multiboundary reservoir mapping, provided by inversion of the ultradeep azimuthal EM measurements, allows for improvement in 3D reservoir model updates when addressing field development optimization.

The method presented integrates field geological knowledge, wellbore-centric LWD data (logs and images), EM reservoir mapping information, and interpreted seismic data to refine a 3D reservoir model in the neighborhood of the well. The ultimate goal is to include the data acquired in horizontal wells in a live reservoir model update across the entire cycle of the well placement workflow. The process includes a feasibility study for technology and strategy selection, real-time geosteering execution and data integration to update the 3D reservoir model in near real time. Collaborative cross-disciplinary teams, composed of both operator and service company specialists, are focusing more and more of their attention on integrating this information into optimal field development strategy.

Nowadays, it is possible for operators to handle multiboundary reservoir mapping data directly within dedicated geological modeling platforms. Advanced software solutions, designed to improve data accessibility, are the base for new integrated workflows for accurate 3D reservoir models using a multiscale dataset.

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