This paper is expected to be a lesson Learns of using nitrate-based fluid as an alternative solution to improve drilling performance and production optimization old wells.

Methods, Procedures, Process

This Lesson Learns begins from literature studied, laboratory test, field trials and continuous improvements.

Results, Observations, Conclusions

Nitrate Completion Fluids have good solubility for wide range of contaminants. Furthermore, it may have some well stimulation effects. Return permeability testing of sandstone coring samples after immersion fluid completion Nitrate, in some conditions, showed some increase in the value of return oil permeability (Ko) from 25.55 to 36.25 mD.

In the field of applications, it has been tested as an additive and drilling mud on one of the deepest wells in Indonesia (5850 m) in Seram. As the additive, used in NaCl polymer mud system in order to reduce levels of solids and chloride, without changing the other mud properties significantly. With decreased levels of chloride, the corrosion rates of drilling and production equipments are also decreased. As a completion fluid, Nitrate CF have been used in the workover wells in South Sumatra and Riau. As a washer on perforation wash job, it is capable of delivering up to 20x increase in oil production and gas production compared to the previous 3x. Operationally, it has not been recorded for any Non Productive Time related this fluid.

Novel/Additive Information

Nitrate based fluid is an alternative completion fluid products that have been developed as an additive, mud drilling and stimulation fluids. Nitrate based fluid is sold in powder or liquid forms. Nitrates are also the basic ingredient of fertilizer. Nitrate Completion fluids have a density specification up to 1.75, the corrosion rate is lower than 10 MPY @350 deg F with standard carbon steel corrosion coupon, 5 NTU turbidity and pH 6-9, with pH buffering capacity, so it has a resistance to contamination of sour gas, having properties endotermic and environmentally friendly reaction.

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