As a part of GASCO strategy to launch joint initiatives in field testing of latest available NDT technologies with the lowest cost required, and in order to explore the most reliable alternatives in the industry for higher inspection accuracy of non-piggable piping & pipeline with the aim of validating these for future adoption across company's operating sites, GASCO has successfully completed a pilot project using state-of-the-art mini-pigging (InVista technology) for non-piggable pipelines.

The InVista intelligent mini-pigging technology incorporates new high-fidelity ultrasonic probes and provides high accuracy in estimating quantitative wall thickness data vis-à-vis the relatively outdated UT Tethered in-line inspection technology. The InVista technology benefits are summarized as follows;

  1. Provides practical solution for non-inspectable pipeline and piping.

  2. Achieves higher accuracy in data than the conventional inspection technology.

  3. Operates at minimum to no risk and also significantly reduces the downtime of these assets, which is a substantial cost optimizer.

  4. Provides a medium to long term perspective for a cost-effective asset integrity management (Cost saving approx.60%).

GASCO performed a pilot project using InVista technology to inspect a non-piggable 8" carbon steel underground fire water line (1.8 Km length) in Buhasa plant, which has never been inspected since 1980.

The InVista inspection results have been confirmed via UT site verification survey for the selected locations where the survey results were matched with the InVista results.

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