In the oil industry it is always challenging to visualize a full subsea structure or pipeline with precise as built/ as found dimensions or information due to limited visibility underwater and limited accuracy of underwater positioning. But wouldn't it be much easier if you can visualize underwater with same accuracy and details as onshore.

Fortunately Photo Realistic 3D Cloud (PRC), a cutting edge innovative technology have allowed to scan complete structures underwater to create a 3D Cloud of millions of points presenting the as-built of the scanned structure, giving very accurate measurements more than 1/1000 (ex: 1mm accuracy in a 1m measurement)Using breakthrough advanced optical sensors and mathematical disciplines.

Adopting this technology along with driverless ROV inspection on our aged critical subsea structures, in ADMA OPCO, has allowed obtaining comprehensive inspection data, much superior to typical diver inspections, along with precise 3-Dimensional overview of the structure like never before.

This enabled us to locate defects, as found underwater on to a 3-d model of the structure with dimensional accuracy making it easier for the engineering team siting on-shore to assess condition of the structure like never before. 3D model also severs as a record for future reference and allows a freedom to have a virtual mockup of the mitigations required on the structure. This means future site visits are minimized, saving substantial cost and time.

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