Real-time depth, pressure, and temperature data monitoring is currently available for well interventions with coiled tubing (CT). A recently-developed extension for real-time forces (i.e., tension and compression) and torque data monitoring has been added to a robust CT telemetry (CTT) system, allowing further optimizations in operations such as milling, cleanouts, fishing, and extended-reach applications.

The real-time CTT system consists of a non-intrusive electrical conductor wire inside the carrying CT, surface hardware and software, and three versions of bottom hole assemblies (BHAs) in different sizes: 2 ⅛-, 2 ⅞-, and 3 ½-in. Each BHA incorporates a conductor release assembly, a casing collar locator (CCL), pressure, and temperature sensors, and a BHA release function. In addition, the tension, compression and torque (TCT) assembly has been developed for the 2 ⅞-in. BHA. Switching between applications is as simple as changing out the BHA, which reduces the need to rig-up and rig-down and leads to operational time and cost savings. The main advantage of this system is that it eliminates the downhole uncertainties such that the CT field crew can react to changing conditions, making decisions based on dynamic downhole events and eliminating missed or wasted runs.

Several CTT case studies have been recently presented (SPE-174850-MS and IPTC-18294-MS). The recently developed TCT assembly development and initial laboratory testing results have been also presented (SPE-179101-MS). In this paper the TCT assembly temperature calibration results and field testing are presented showing that combining the TCT data with depth, pressure, and temperature data in real-time increases the job efficiency and control.

The paper describes the TCT assembly and its temperature calibration and discusses the TCT data acquired during the first field trial. The CTT system performance and benefits confirmed during the field trial are presented. These findings outline the predictability of successful operations resulting from using the CTT system and the cost and time savings for operators.

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