Extending the life of aging assets is an important topic in an industry where many platforms are operating beyond their initial planned life. Preserving an asset over 40 years is particularly problematic when operating in environments such as the Middle East and the North Sea, where platforms are exposed to some of the harshest conditions in the world. This paper will outline a ground breaking technology, developed to enable operators to test deluge systems without the need for water, mitigating the issues associated with wet testing and helping extend the life of an asset.

The current industry practice to verify compliance of a deluge system is to perform a wet test. This involves flowing seawater through the system to the nozzles at which point it is directed over a designated area. This technology circumvents the main source of the issues which cause corrosion. This technology will be detailed, from proof of concept to deployment in field and the benefits which this brings in comparison to conventional wet testing and other dry-testing technology.

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