One needs the proper guidance to develop his/her potential into tangible value and a role of a competent mentor is therefore crucial in that regard. Working in an organization, like ADCO, with 8037 employees (60.4% -4855 employees- of which are UAE nationals) and targeting 75% emiratization by 2017, the need for the right mentors becomes essential.

The main goals of publishing this paper are the following:

  1. highlight the added value of mentoring,

  2. give guide lines for mentoring processes and tools,

  3. Issue the first stylish mentoring book using infographics related to each department.

  4. Reevaluate the mentoring process, mentors quality and mentees benefit from the current mentoring program.

  • Choose the right mentors who are wise and trustworthy.

  • Develop a procedure and a plan for the selection of a realistic number of qualified mentors proportionate to the total number of

  • Develop a Mentor book based on infographics demonstration, for more friendly knowledge transfer, capturing relevant topics for each department, considering the individual’s career path and corresponding information for each level.

  • Mentor performance will be assessed by assigned mentoring committee and random number of the meetings with the mentees shall be monitored, evaluated and conclude the results_by the committee

Results and conclusion
  • Examples of great mentors are many with accounts of how they Great mentors have steered their companies to be successful; one good example is Jack Welch the CEO of GE.

  • If we succeed to select 5% qualified mentors each year and develop 5% mentees on the right track each year, we will gain new leaders and consequently a leading organization

  • As a sample, mentoring book been created for engineering and projects department, samples of the book been shown in the manuscript below.

  • Management to adopt the idea so it could be speeded to other departments, where each department will have their own book

Technical contribution
  1. Timely enhance employees understanding of the company’s values, mission and vision.

  2. Close out technical and business barriers and gaps through methodic knowledge transfer and sharing.

  3. Create a mentoring Committee aiming for continuous improvement of the staff.

  4. Gaining new leaders able to shoulder more responsibilities and add more value to the organization

  5. Have proper guidelines (mentoring book) for each department.

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