the aim of this paper is to provide a practical model to qualify the National Workforce to meet the increasing demand for skilled workers especially in critical industries such as the oil & gas sector. It builds on the governmental nationalization initiatives and extends human resource development efforts beyond formal education and training to embrace workplace learning as the most effective and efficient approach for competence and capability building.

Method/procedure and process

based on ADNOC standards and guidelines, a model for workplace technical skills development was constructed. ADNOC Code of Practice is integrated with Scottish Vocational Qualifications Standards (SVQs) to ensure achievement of the desired outcomes. The main features of the proposed model include competence – based and structured on the job training (S-OJT). The model makes extensive use of the Scottish Workplace learning and development standards, in particular, facilitation of workplace learning through coaching, assessment of workplace competence and internal verification standard to ensure the quality and effectiveness of workplace learning interventions.

Results/Observations and conclusions

In line with ADNOC competency assurance policy, employees handling HSE critical roles have to know exactly how to do their job properly and be able to rely on the person next to them todo the same. SQA qualifications are designed to ensure that every employee is fully competent and can demonstrate their competence in their normal workplaces to the standard expectations. Integrating SVQs with ADNOCcompetence assurance policy and Code of Practice, will result in developed and well-preparedworkforce that will satisfy the requirements of the international standards as well as UAEPetroleum Industry Sector.

Novel/Additive Information

the unique structure of the presented model as a practical skill acquisition approach spans the trainee to expert knowledge and skills levels. It provides a systematic intervention for implementing vocational training based on experiential and adult learning principles to accelerate workplace learning. This adapted version of SVQs that are specifically tailored to meet ADNOC group demands of highly qualified and ready toparticipate National Workforce. While taking into account the current and future pressing needs for skilled national workforce in the petroleum sector, the model can be implemented in other sectors at the national scale as a supplement to NQA national skill development efforts.

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