The paper discusses the importance of a development framework for the Emarati workforce. To do so the Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS) program will be presented along with how it has helped integrate the Emarati workforce into ADCO's culture. Additionally, the Career Ladder and Succession Planning processes will also be presented to shed light on how they have helped in creating a foresight in terms of career development for the national workforce.

The first section of the paper will focus on the challenging nature of Emiritization. It will answer the question of what challenges the mandate of Emiritization brought to companies it was imposed on and how they adopted to challenge.

The following section of the paper will then focus on the Competency Assurance Management System. The section is divided into three different subsections, the first subsection will focus on the structures of the CAMS, the second subsection will focus on the overall challenges the CAMS faced and finally the last subsection will focus on the value CAMS brings to ADCO.

The third section of the paper then illustrates the continuous development of Emaratis within ADCO even after they have completed the CAMS. The section is divided into two subsections one that focuses on the Career Ladder profiles meanwhile the other focuses on the Succession Planning profiles.

Flowingly, section four discusses what can be observed from the previous sections and illustrates how the Emarati workforce has changed its perspectives. Finally then the paper is concluded with a discussion on the set of challenges that ADCO might face in the future and the different methods it might adopt in order to face those challenges.

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