Oil and Gas operators across the world are experiencing many challenges in the areas of life extension of existing installations, continuous brownfield developments and lack of industry knowledge in some specific areas of structural performance. These challenges are critical in nature due to the fact that this involves imposition of change to the existing structure and thereby introduces additional risk to the current status. In order to control these risks, a robust integrated approach is required to 1) early identification of risks 2) accurate quantification of risks 3) select the most effective way of managing the risks. This necessitated the development of highly innovative Structural Management System (SMS) to ensure safe operation along the extended life of the structure.

SMS has been developed incorporating the industry best practices and latest codes and standards including upcoming ISO19901-9 [2]. SMS is a fully integrated system that includes 1) Suite of integrated databases to ensure full control on data storage and handling 2) Structural Management Of Change (MoC) system aimed at capturing and controlling of risk associated with all changes 3) State of art fully quantitative risk engine to evaluate, quantify and risk rank the entire fleet of structures 4) Performance enhancement enablers ' module to ensure continuous development of the system, personnel, Standards etc.

Implementation of SMS is a continuous and dynamic process and resulting in deriving several benefits which include 1) Safe sustainable production along the extended field life 2) Minimize interruption to Brown Field Development 3) Identifying the bottlenecks to structural performance 4) Allow development of risk based action plans eg: optimized replacement plans.

This paper presents main features of the Novel Structural Management System designed for efficient structural management of ADMA-OPCO fleet of structures with a purpose of sharing best practice of efficient structural management to worldwide Oil and Gas Operators.

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