This paper examines the development of best practices in Process Safety and Asset Integrity over the last thirty years and provides an overview of the performance of Mubadala Petroleum (MP) against the resultant best practices. Best practices are typically developed in response to catastrophic process events. The response to catastrophic events is usually a public outcry followed by legislative and industry initiatives and while it is unfortunate that the main catalyst for innovation is catastrophic accidents, this defacto process has yielded an impressive collection of practices. This research catalogs best practices from several sources and identifies the commonalities as well as the divergences. The comparison revealed that the commonalities significantly outnumber the divergences, which is indicative of an emerging consensus across the industry and across the world. There were some slight differences in the approach which are discussed in detail.

This research laid the groundwork for a comparison of Mubadala Petroleum's performance against international best practices. The elements of Mubadala Petroleum's Operational Management System (OMS) were mapped to the compiled list of twenty-seven international best practices. There was a corresponding OMS element and supporting procedures for each and every practice identified.

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