As part of its ongoing optimization effort, Abu Dhabi Gas Industries (GASCO) is working with the Petroleum Institute (PI) and Bryan Research and Engineering Inc. (BR&E) to identify opportunities for optimization of the Habshan II amine sweetening unit for a wide range of gas throughput.

In a previous study, ProMax®, a process simulation package, was first verified by comparing the model results to operating data for about 300 days and was then used to optimize the facility operating near maximum capacity. Recently, most of the gas has been diverted to another facility resulting in Habshan II operating in the 30-40% capacity range.

In the present study, ProMax, is used to re-optimize the facility at the current low throughput. The model results for the new optimum are implemented in the plant and compared to operating data to confirm the predictions. In addition, the plant plans to increase throughput in the coming months. Therefore, the plant has been optimized at various gas flowrates to provide operators with set points at any given gas flowrate. In addition to preparing operators for throughput fluctuations, the results show a reduction of operating costs that amount to roughly 800,000 USD/yr.

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