An assets firewater deluge system is critical in the operation of any Oil and Gas producing asset. Non-compliance can have wide ranging, negative impacts, varying from reputational damage, commercial losses and in the worst case loss of life. Keeping these safety critical systems in good working order gives personnel peace of mind that the systems designed to protect them will work when required and can be vital in giving time to evacuate an installation in case of emergency.

This paper will outline a two year project undertaken in a major UKCS field to ensure that five, thirty five year old installations safety critical systems were all compliant with the relevant industry regulatory standards. This will include remedial technologies deployed, challenges faced in completing a large scale project, asset integrity management systems formulated and technologies developed to ensure continued compliance to the operator. This will also highlight the options which an operator can have at its disposal to ensure ongoing compliance of its safety critical systems that have reached the end of their design life, ensuring they remain fit for purpose for a further twenty five years of life of the assets in question.

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