Learning from past incidents and from operational experience is a unique way of insuring continuous improvement in maintaining a safe workplace. Sensible to our own performance but also to increasing international evidence on how unsafe behaviours play a major role in many of the accidents, we embarked in a complete revamping of our HSE culture and in particular in one of the important element of this culture; the anomaly reporting system.

The anomaly reporting system is embedded in TABK continuous improvement loop. It allows employees to communicate and identify hazard in his workplace to prompt for improvement, repair or modification. Supervisors and management are made aware of the employee's concern thus creating a continuous improvement momentum.

This paper discuss in details how the anomaly card template was modified to allow employees to report on behavioural issues such as unsafe act or unsafe situation and how an improved database tracking system will allow more accurate and better trending capacities. We are convinced that by improving our workforce ability to better recognize and perceive risky situation, we can greatly contribute to the improvements of the safety in our field.

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