Pipeline Oil spill is a major challenge with the Oil and Gas production process as it impacts negatively on the environment, the reputation and the finances of the operator. Real time pressure data from an Oil and Gas Pipeline can be used with specially developed algorithms to create dynamic pressure profiles of the pipeline. This profile shows the pressure map of the entire pipeline and it can be used to detect the onset of a leak. Production management systems can be configured in the exception based reporting mode to generate alerts whenever there is a variation in the pressure at any point on the pipeline. The location of pipeline right of way in remote locations increases the monitoring costs and response time in the event of a leak. This paper presents the deployment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) as the first line of response to alerts generated by the production management systems and the dynamic pressure profiles to provide real time video feedback of the leak points. This will enable a rapid detection and localization of the leak points enabling the speedy deployment of the response teams. The combination of the dynamic pipeline pressure profile and the UAV will provide a rapid monitoring system for the entire pipeline network and facilitate rapid intervention in the event of a leak or any activity on the pipeline right of way providing real time video feedback of the area under investigation and eliminating response to spurious signals and false alarms

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