The gradual but steady migration of oil and gas production offshore places a demand on oil companies to develop novel solutions aimed at improving the efficiency of the production process while maximizing the available technical expertise to minimize operating costs and reduce downtime. Collaborative work environments have enabled the development of centers for the collocation of technical experts where real-time monitoring of multiple production parameters from different sites are undertaken for the purpose of managing and optimizing the production process. However offshore locations present a challenge due to the difficulty associated with equipment installation, inspection and maintenance in those locations. This paper discusses the impact of robotic deployment in the offshore Oil and Gas production environment and presents the design of specialized robots capable of undertaking the inspection of both the surface and internals conditions of offshore pipelines and also undertaking the welding of onshore pipelines. The robots can be monitored from the collaborative work environment. The deployment of robots in the oil and gas production process will improve the efficiency of the production process by reducing the time and cost required to undertake the interventions using onsite operators.

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