Massive developments have transformed the field of Human Resource Management into a vast new field of study. All HR practices are now based on strategic application with real effect on business. Human Resource of any company is considered to be the greatest asset and having a competent workforce always lead tangible results to the organization. Significance of Competency mapping and management is inevitable and has been studied invariably as part of applied sciences. A competent employee is considered to be well performing one as well as highly satisfied. Job satisfaction itself is said to be the most discussed topic in the field of organizational psychology while competency has been progressively successful in terms of its pragmatic implementation within the organizational arena; but the relation between these two is not much explored. This paper has laid foundations of determining this relationship. We selected the company that specializes in oil field service industry and has successfully established a competency management system. Using questionnaire as tool, we have found that there has been very positive effect of having a Competency Management System on Employee Job satisfaction. Considering the exploratory nature of the study, we see that it focuses only on two parameters i.e. Competency management system and job Satisfaction and has left room for future researches. Question statements were driven from the literature defined as well as tools established by previous researchers. This can be carried forward by measuring the overall effect on job satisfaction by all organizational factors including pay and benefits. This will help us calculate the importance of having a Competency management System within an organization.

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