The Horizon Program is designed to ensure that all those identified at early to mid career as having potential to become leaders within their technical discipline are kept on track to reach their full potential.


Individual Career Paths are mapped out to ensure that individuals are fully exposed and challenged to demonstrate their abilities. Thay are monitored by HR and coached by their executive manager. Commitment is given by the management to keep the career path on track; commitment is also given by the Horizon Program member. The program may span over three or more position changes.


Joined up supervision between HR and Management enable the organization to grow the specialists, experts and leaders that the company and the industry requires.


This is a powerful retention tool. Program members have a clear view of how their company sees them developing and appreciate the investment given. The company in turn benefits from managing the balance between Technical expertise and Leadership within the National workforces worldwide. This program aims to ensure that diversity is catered for. It is a successful tool to improve levels of diversity at the top of the organisation by keeping Horizon Program members on track to reach their full potential.

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