The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas plants is without a doubt gaining widespread interest from leading companies around the world. Implementation of effective and best practice technologies to minimize greenhouse gas emission levels by the oil and gas industry will substantially lead to a better emission reduction practices and eventually increase the public confidence in this sector.

Many of the existing plants – especially those which were built 20 to 30 years ago – and are still in operation invariably have Gas Turbines mostly for power generation and process gas compression application. The exhaust from these turbines contributes substantially to increase emission levels.

Systematic approach is required to explore cost effective and practical alternatives to replace these Turbines with state of art non-emitting drives to reduce greenhouse gases which are emitted at present.

This paper presents GASCO's stepwise approach to determine most energy efficient & cost effective alternatives to replace emitting turbines as well as achieve a long-term reliable performance

This paper also presents a detailed implementation strategy from conceptualization to commissioning of new units and phasing out of old Turbines. It also describes critical reviews and decision making required at intermediate steps.

This paper, which details initiatives taken by GASCO to reduce emissions from the turbines and bringing additional advantages in form of improved reliability and increased longevity of the operating plants, will certainly provide insight to operators of similar plants to initiate measures for emission reduction and thus contribute substantially to protection of environment

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