Excellence became a necessity of our time topping the agenda of all professionals. As confirmed by our CEO in more than occasion; Excellence at ADCO is not a destination; it's a core value demonstrated as way of doing business.

The Excellence Journey kicked-off at ADCO since the inception as the company prides itself as a big advocate for QMS Systems in the Oil and Gas Industry. This was achieved by integrating all quality systems under the EFQM Excellence model. ADCO started in mid 90s implementing TQM principles led by our current CEO.

The recent implementation of the EFQM at ADCO came after the two updates of the model 2010 and 2013. Organizational assessment was conducted highlighting the areas for improvement (AFIs) which prioritized into a comprehensive action plan to ensure implementation across ADCO. The latest update is the adoption of the EFQM model within the oilfields piloted in the newly developed field (Qushawira).

The EFQM model is a practical, non-prescriptive management framework enables organizations integrates their existing and planned initiatives providing structure for the organization's management system. The model comprises of 3 components; the fundamental concepts, the 9 criteria and the RADAR logic.

Results and Conclusions:

The implementation of the EFQM model has materialized in enhancing the operational excellence culture. The management thinking and leadership style have moved to looking at the operational challenges as (AFIs) which made all leaders in a continuous search for new ways and methods of reaching performance excellence.

This was validated when ADCO participated in 2012 in the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award (SKEA) and achieved the Gold category in the Oil and Gas sector. Now, ADCO is preparing to apply for SKEA (2014). A lot have improved after winning the Gold Category in 2012 which qualifies ADCO to win higher category/ies in 2014.

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