The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the experience of Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) during the implementation of Unified Collaboration and Communication across the wide company assets covering the offices in the headquarters till the remote areas such as fields and rigs. The demonstration highlights the pre initiation and preparation activities that occurred in the earlier phases before starting the implementation and how corporate information technology department established its implementation methodologies and strategies that helped later to shape the road before implementing the project. The history of collaboration implementation in ADCO was among the first collaborative working environment in the region back in 2006. Adopting the latest technology back on that time and utilizing the visualization and audio technologies, in addition it was the first to introduce the 3D projection for subsurface modeling in the region that changed the user experience and move it to different levels. While the paper focuses on the whole project stages, it emphasis as well the theory behind the collaboration and communication in any enterprise and argue that companies born collaborative by nature as communications methods and techniques are naturally agreed upon between its employees with no define rules and boundaries. The theory illustrate that the human nature and culture by default embraces the collaboration in its basic means but on the other hand corporate directions, polices and rules might exploit such collaboration and have an effect on it in such way that can result in positive or negative directions. The importance of applying Unified Communication and Collaboration was great step for ADCO as a company toward its operation excellence that enabled ADCO as an organization to better utilizing the existing solutions, accelerating people processes and technologies associated in any given job, putting all that information in one particular place, rational decisions can be made by experts using the correct tools as well as the right information and sharing it in real-time. There is no doubt that the project faced challenges before, during and post implementation, as result lesson learnt was important to be captured to be a later reference to implementation of such similar projects. In addition management of change as well was a crucial milestone of this project while giving proper planning enough time and determining right approach of user adoption will affect how users will be embraces or resisting such change or to be part of the new collaborative experience.

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