Many variants of pipeline line leak detection systems are in operation today on liquid or gas pipelines. These often rely upon a single leak detection methodology. This could include; CPM, Mass Balance, Acoustic, Flow or Temperature Monitoring. Latest developments in fibre optic technology now mean that a number of these methods can be combined in a single system. Fibre Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) is able to use the following measurands to detect within leaks seconds with a location accuracy of 10 meters.

DAS detects the following signatures of a leak; Acoustic Anomaly; Temperature Gradient, External Ground changes and Negative Pressure Pulse. By fusing these signatures together DAS is able to provide a sensitive yet robust and reliable leak detection solution. Added benefits of the system are also the traditional security aspects that help prevent as opposed to detect pipeline damage as well as Inline Inspection Gauge Tracking through the same hardware set.

This paper examines the methodologies used to detect leaks in all phases of products. Discusses the industry led tests conducted so far and provides real life evidence of leaks detected in the field.

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