With the innovation of ERD and directional drilling and the challenges these wells impose due to complicated and difficult wells’ paths, advanced well profile, Deep and HPHT wells and Horizontal wells, running casing and liner strings has become increasingly problematic.

Conventional casing running methods have not given full confidence of landing at TD every time a casing orliner job is run, especially with difficult and challenging wells.

Not much has been done to address these challenges which vary with wells and fields such as: ledges & obstructions, washouts, swelling shale, bridging, high doglegs, difficult well profiles, fill on bottom and well collapse, etc.

To overcome the challenges, the inventors developed the Fill Drill Product Line as a new technology to facilitate casing operations especially for long horizontal strings, production strings, and intermediate casing strings.

The authors will describe the innovative system utilized to improve the casing run supported by extensive field data. Case History will be presented and the benefits of the application of this technology in these wells will be explained.

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