This paper describes the frame work and new concepts implemented for appraisal data gathering from two undeveloped green oil fields (Fields-A and B) as shown in Figure-1. Acquired data program was a heavy schedule, involved testing of multiple wells, integrated by different teams to full fill all requirements which are vital for field's development. Limited resources, HSE and environmental issues, remote/unmanned areas, heavy testing facilities, rig & rig-less resources and difficult topographic nature of these areas are part but not all of the challenges faced to implement the appraisal data gathering program to achieve the program objectives. An integrated workforce team was formed from different disciplines, project partners and all stakeholders succeeded to set an innovative scope of work, plan, procedures and distribution of responsibilities for each partner to overcome and trouble shoot these problems. The appraisal data gathering approach resulted in completing the appraisal program successfully as per the time line plan, obtained high quality of huge data, adhering to high safety operating procedures and standards at economic value.

One of the major challenges was to avoid flaring of oil and risk of transporting huge quantities of crude oil produced during the long term production testing operation & risk of exporting by trucks to far locations at distances of around 130 Km from the source to store in other wells. Water handling during the injectivity test was also a big challenge. Safety operation related risk of high vapor pressure and flash point either in testing facilities or while loading and transportation in high temperature. H2S and SO2 are other issues. Proper planning, team work, risk assessment and mitigation plans, responsibility allocation the appraisal project was successfully completed in shorter time than expected and all objectives were met and obtained Shareholders gate approval to proceed with fields development in cost effective manner without any hazardous or fatalities.

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