This paper discusses a revised field development plan (FDP) of a giant complex carbonate reservoir located offshore Abu Dhabi which has been producing for more than 30 years. In recent years the target production of the field was raised. However, the target production plateau length and recovery factor remained high. This ambitious vision created a new environment and new challenges for field development.

Previous work has included a number of innovations (1,2,3 ):

  • Implementation of a line drive pattern requiring a substantial drilling program

  • Introducing drilling from artificial islands

  • Drilling long extended reach (ERD) and Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC) wells

  • Introducing inflow control devices (ICDs) to maximize sweep and recovery, including advanced completion design workflows

  • Introducing workflows to maintain evergreen simulation models

The paper describes the current work to optimize the development plan to extend the production plateau by many years and improve recovery. Detailed sector models have been used to facilitate the large number of required simulation runs. Sector models ran more quickly and provided the opportunity to test many development options and scenarios. This technique allowed focus on specific regions of the field, to improve their development scheme, before moving to other regions in a sequential manner. The findings from those sector models were then incorporated in the full field model (FFM).

In this paper we present the method used to optimize the plan by sector:

  • Optimize well spacing and configuration, focusing on the advantages of infill drilling for improved aerial/vertical sweep efficiency

  • Optimize drilling timing for infill wells

  • Optimize vertical well placement

  • Optimize injection strategy

An optimized field development plan is proposed where the desired production rate and plateau length are met while recovery is improved. The optimized solution involves a proposed infill drilling strategy and corresponding injection strategy. The injection strategy includes optimization of the future target reservoir pressure to achieve the best field performance.

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