A hybrid natural fractured reservoir static geomodel using a wide range of 2D/3D seismic, geometrical and petrophysical attributes has enabled a reasonable 3D representation of three sets of fractures in the SA field, part of North Kuwait Jurassic Complex (NKJC). Based on well and seismic data, the three sets are fracture corridors associated with geophysically interpreted faults; medium scale layer-bound geomechanically controlled fractures; and folding-related fractures. The new hybrid fracture model, which is made of a discrete fracture network (DFN) and an implict fracture model (IFM), was calibrated using production logging tool (PLT), modular formation dynamics tester (MDT), and pressure buildup (PBU) data from 27 wells.

The calibrated hybrid fracture model has shortened the process of the history match significantly, requiring only very small adjustments/alterations to the initial static model. Achieving a smooth and timely history match resulted in significant CPU time gain and an optimized well count that went into the Asset Action Plan.

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